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Figure 1

From: The Lnk/SH2B adaptor provides a fail-safe mechanism to establish the Insulin receptor-Chico interaction

Figure 1

In vivo FRET analysis reveals physical interactions among Lnk, Chico and InR. (A-A”’) Chico-RFP (A’) and InR-CFP (A) strongly co-localise in salivary glands (A”). FRETc shows regions with high energy transfer between CFP and RFP (colour code: black - low intensities, red - high intensities). (B-B”’) Lnk-CFP (B) and Chico-RFP (B’) co-localise (B”) showing positive FRETc (B”’). (C-C”’) InR-CFP (C) and Lnk-RFP (C’) localisation (C”) and FRET (C”’) at the cortical membrane. (D-D”’) InR-CFP (D) and Dl-RFP (D’) do not exhibit energy transfer (D”’). (E-E”’) Lnk-CFP (E) and Dl-RFP (E’) do not show positive FRETc (E”’). (F) Table showing data from FRET analyses. Number of samples analysed: (A) n = 21 (+ins) and n = 10 (−ins), (B) n = 20 (+ins) and n = 10 (−ins), (C) n = 17 (+ins) and n = 11 (−ins), (D) n = 15, (E) n = 14. Scale bars represent 50 μm.

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