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Table 1 Differential expression in human transformed germinal centre B cells in response to B cell-specific stimulations

From: Global gene expression changes of in vitro stimulated human transformed germinal centre B cells as surrogate for oncogenic pathway activation in individual aggressive B cell lymphomas

Upregulated genes 3039 689 463 114 69
Downregulated genes 3557 496 439 169 39
Total number of genes affected 6596 1194 902 283 129
  1. BL2 cells stimulated through αIgM treatment, by CD40L, IL21, BAFF or LPS. RNA was hybridized onto U133A 2.0 plus Arrays. Differentially expressed genes between stimulated and control cells were identified using linear models as implemented in the bioconductor package LIMMA [36]. False discovery rates for lists of differentially expressed genes were calculated according to Benjamini and Hochberg [38]. Genes were ranked according to their p-value for differential expression from the microarray experiments (adj. P value ≤ 0.05).