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Figure 4

From: The adapter protein ADAP is required for selected dendritic cell functions

Figure 4

Antigen-specific T-cell proliferation in vivo . (A) Transgenic OT-II T cells were loaded with CFSE and adoptively transferred into wild-type mice. After 24 h, wild-type BMDCs (WT) and ADAP-deficient BMDCs (ADAP), which had been preloaded overnight with ovalbumin in the presence of LPS, were injected subcutaneously into wild-type mice. After another 72 h, draining lymph nodes were harvested, and T-cell proliferation was evaluated by FACS. The percentage of cells undergoing 0 to 6 cycles of division is shown (mean + SEM, n = 6). (B) A representative profile of the CFSE dilution.

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