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Figure 2

From: The adapter protein ADAP is required for selected dendritic cell functions

Figure 2

Dendritic cell function in vitro : antigen uptake, maturation and adhesion. (A) Immature BMDCs were incubated for different periods of time with DQ-OVA, and the mean fluorescence intensity (as quantification of antigen uptake) was measured by FACS (mean ± SEM, n = 6). (B) BMDCs were matured in the presence of LPS for 24 h. Control, immature BMDCs. The upregulation of CD86 maturation marker expression is shown as mean fluorescence intensity (MFI; mean + SEM, n = 3). (C) LPS-matured BMDCs were plated onto ICAM-1-coated plates and fibronectin-coated plates. After incubation for 2 h, the numbers of adherent cells were counted (mean + SEM, n = 5).

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