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Figure 1

From: CCN3 and calcium signaling

Figure 1

Effect of CCN proteins on intracellular calcium levels in G59 glioblastoma cells. GST-CCN3 (2 μg/ml, Fig. 1A or 10 μg/ml, Fig. 1B) was applied on G59 cells in the absence of EGTA. In the presence of 10 mM EGTA, GST-CCN3 (2 μg/ml) was added (Fig. 1C) and 12 mM CaCl2 was overloaded (Fig. 1D). The effects of fibulin-1C and GST-CCN2 (5 μg/ml) were compared to that of 5 μg/ml GST-CCN3 (Fig. 1E,1F)

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