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Rina Plattner

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Rina Plattner, Editorial Board Member

University of Kentucky School of Medicine, Lexington, KY, USA

Rina Plattner trained as a PhD student in Medical Genetics and then transitioned into Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Cancer Research in two prestigious laboratories as a postdoctoral fellow. Her independent research has focused on the role of c-Abl (Abl1) and Arg (Abl2) proto-oncogenes in the development and progression of solid tumors. Research from her laboratory established c-Abl and Arg as drivers of breast cancer and melanoma proliferation, invasion and metastasis. Their research has led to successful securement of intramural and extramural funding, and her laboratory has been extramurally funded every year since its inception in 2003. Not only does she have the necessary experience and expertise to direct this research, but also leadership experience. She has successfully trained high-school, undergraduate and doctoral students (graduated 4 with PhDs) as well as technicians and postdoctoral fellows. Additionally, she serves on graduate committees of students from several different departments and colleges. For the past eight years, she has served as co-leader of the Cancer Cell Biology and Signaling Program (CS) and director of the Metastasis and Microenvironment Thematic group. She played a major role in assisting the Markey Cancer Center in achieving NCI designation in 2013. They will be applying for CCSG renewal and Comprehensive Status in September 2017, and she will present the CS program at the NCI Site Visit in January 2018. As co-leader of the CS program, she plans and coordinates the agenda for theirmonthly meetings and research retreats, direct the mentoring program for junior investigators, and presents their program annually to external and internal advisory boards. She has also assisted many junior faculty with grant applications and journal article submissions. Finally, she serves on additional important committees in the College, Cancer Center, and Institution.