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About our Editors

Mark Guthridge, Editorial Board Member
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
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Dr Mark Guthridge completed his Ph.D studies at Monash University, Australia in 1992 after which he took up a postdoctoral position at New York University Medical Centre as a Darland Fellow. He returned to Adelaide Australia in 1998 and was awarded a Peter Nelson Leukaemia Research Fellowship to examine molecular approaches for the therapeutic targeting of acute myeloid leukemic (AML) cells. In 2011, Dr Guthridge moved his laboratory to the Division of Blood Cancers at the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) in Melbourne, Australia.
Dr Guthridge’s research focuses on the mechanisms by which intracellular signalling pathways become deregulated in cancer. Through the application of a range of sophisticated in vitro and in vivo molecular approaches, his lab has identified new genes, targets and pathways that promote deregulated self renewal, proliferation and cell survival in leukemia cells. His work has led to the discovery of several new potential therapeutic approaches for the treatment of AML and possibly other cancers.

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